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Grinny / You remember me

Grinny / You remember me

Autor*in: Fisk, Nicholas

Jahr: 2013

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 228 S.


A re-issue of this forgotten favourite introduced by Malorie Blackman, Grinny will chill you to the core... 40% Aliens, 20% Chilling, 20% Weird, 10% Thriller This book is based on my diary and other writings of the Aunt Emma period. Later on, it all turned sour and I used to be almost frightened of the diary and writing the next page. Everything I had written seemed to add up to something horrible. The more I wrote, the more certain it seemed that the horror was true and would get worse. I did not keep a diary any more. Tim's diary charts the arrival of his mysterious Great Aunt Emma, an old lady who appears grinning on his doorstep and decides to stay. Nicknamed 'Grinny' for her constant eerie smile and mindless chatter, at first their aunt seems to be strange but harmless. But when Tim and his sister Beth make a horrifying discovery about their visitor, they realise that the safety of the entire planet is in jeopardy, and the silent invasion has already started.
Autor(en) Information:
Nicholas Fisk was born in London in 1923. Before becoming a full-time author, Nicholas served in the Royal Air Force during World War II, then found work initially as an actor, cartoonist, and jazz musician before becoming an advertising copywriter, illustrator, photographer and writer. He has written more than fifty books, most of which are Science Fiction for older children. Nicholas retired as an author in 1998 and lives in Hertfordshire.

Titel: Grinny / You remember me

Autor*in: Fisk, Nicholas


ISBN: 9781471401466

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